Gemius wins tender in Czech Republic
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Gemius wins tender in Czech Republic

Gemius has won the tender to be the official provider of Internet research to the Czech Republic, beating seven rivals from around the world.Local publishers will receive, among other things, data on total reach for all devices, ‘day-to-day’ data, and data on website traffic for workplace and household locations.

On Monday, May 2, the Czech Association for Internet Progress (SPIR), an industry organization, announced that Gemius would become the official provider of Internet data. The two-stage selection process began in 2015, with five candidates and seven companies (three of which presented a joint offer) taking part.

This was not Gemius’ first success on the Czech market. The company has been carrying out Internet research in the country for over 10 years. The selection of gemiusAudience (local name: NetMonitor) as the official source of Internet data will benefit the Czech advertising industry, with publishers, media houses, advertising agencies and advertisers gaining access to otherwise unattainable information on their position in the online world. Gemius will provide them with data on total reach on all devices, day-to-day data updates on Internet use (i.e. Monday's data provided on Tuesday, Tuesday's data provided on Wednesday, and so on), website browsing data for households and workplaces, and more.

‘I am convinced that the choice of our company was determined by the high quality of our services. Suffice to say that the Internet research methodology we presented in the Czech Republic in April this year received two nominations in the IAB Europe contest for best research project,’ said Piotr Ejdys, president of the Gemius Board.

‘On top of that, we have already successfully introduced website traffic research based on location (that is to say, household or workplace) in Belgium as part of an official Internet study, as well as in Poland. We also provide clients from these countries with ‘day-to-day’ data. Our success on the Czech market, one of a succession of such wins, is proof that we develop our products based on trends and our clients' needs,’ emphasized Ejdys.

‘We have been researching the Czech Internet for more than 10 years. Our offer has been chosen over the competition in every tender we have taken part in. This time, the battle was fierce and the tender process took more than six months,’ said Michał Fejk, head of Gemius in Czech, adding that, ‘We have no doubt that this new phase of research and innovation will bring further opportunities for market growth, and we will do all it takes to turn our latest success into benefits for our clients.’

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