Gemius patents its online audience measurement technology
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Gemius patents its online audience measurement technology

Using a proprietary algorithm, Gemius was the world’s first company to answer the question of who is using the Internet, and how. That was 13 years ago. In the meantime, Gemius’ solution has evolved as the Internet has. The company’s flagship product is now awaiting approval from the national patent office.

We are talking about the online audience measurement methodology known to the world for more than a decade as gemiusAudience, which is currently being used in about 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Since its very beginnings, the research has been based on proprietary technology solutions allowing advertisers, advertising agencies and media houses to use a common measure to evaluate the advertising potential of websites, in order to plan online advertising campaigns. This is possible because Gemius measures the Internet in a way which determines the number of actual people visiting a given website, as opposed to simply the number of cookie files. The first internet measurement results of Gemius’ research technology were presented to the world in Los Angeles, at the 2003 European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) conference.

From mobile to multimedia

Since then the company has continually developed its product to adapt to the changing global internet market. It now measures not only online activity by desktop computers, but also from tablets and smartphones, for websites, their mobile versions and mobile apps alike. Gemius research technology also now provides information about the popularity of multimedia content, and online publishers can see their total reach across all online devices and compare themselves against their competitors. The tool also allows differences between user activity at home and at work to be analysed. Additionally, results are provided to clients on a daily basis, allowing for the rapid modification of online advertising activities.

‘The ability to produce data on changes in internet use on a daily basis is a sensation of global proportions,’ says Piotr Ejdys, the CEO of Gemius, a company which began as a start-up over a decade ago and now has offices in more than ten European countries. ‘Fast access to data is of key significance in measuring a medium as dynamic as the Internet. We evolve with it, and our online audience measurement is the best expression of that evolution. We eagerly await the patent office’s decision,’ adds Ejdys with some pride.

He also explains the reasons behind the company’s decision to file an application with the patent office. ‘We want to protect our unique solution – one we have created over the last decade or more, and which our competitors have not yet been able to discover. On top of that, if we are awarded a patent it will only strengthen our competitive advantage.’

European market recognition

The significance of Gemius’ proprietary solutions to the development of the online market has already been acknowledged by the European internet sector. For the past two years running, the company has won the main prize for best research project on the continent at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB Europe) awards.