Over 6 million internet users on dating sites. Nearly two men to one woman
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Who is dating online in Poland?

Festival of lovers has had a permanent place in the calendars of Poles for years, who have grown fond of it and are eager to celebrate it. But what about those who are just looking for their other half? In honor of Valentine's Day, we decided to find out who the visitors to dating sites are. We looked at their demographics and how they use these sites.

PBI and Gemius analysts analyzed sites and applications from the "Dating" category, paying particular attention to the profile of visitors. Data for January 2024 was analyzed.

5.5 million Internet users visit dating sites

In January 2024, websites and applications from the "Dating" category were visited by a total of more than 5.5 million Internet users, with an average value of 658.6 thousand per day. Over the entire month they generated 263.8 million page views and spent on average 15 minutes and 39 seconds per day.


Men, under 40, from big cities

Visitors to dating sites and apps are overwhelmingly men - they accounted for as much as 62.63% of the total group (3.4 million RU), while the percentage of women was only 37.37% (2.1 million RU). Among all men, the Affinity Index reached 130.6, indicating a large overrepresentation relative to the population. For women, the AI reports underrepresentation (71.8). Men also spent more time per day on dating sites than women on average in January, 17 min and 42 seconds. For women, the time was 11 min and 15 s.

dating online analyses

Analysis of Internet users by age groups showed the dominance of those aged 25-40 - in January 2024 there were more than 1.8 million of them on the sites in question, and the Affinity Index for them reached 116.7. Another demographic group in which we observed an overrepresentation was residents of cities over 100,000. The AI in this case was 106, 5, while the RU was 1.7 million.

Record New Year

The day on which we recorded the highest number of users per month on sites and apps in the "Dating" category was Monday, January 22. However, it was on New Year's Day that users made a record number of page views on them, as many as 14.9 million, with the average for the other days of the month at 8.3 million. That day also saw the longest time per user - visitors to the dating sites spent an average of 24 minutes on them then.

dating online analyses