#TrueSingleSource recognised in IAB Europe's Research Awards
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#TrueSingleSource recognised in IAB Europe's Research Awards

Our #truesinglesource solution, enabling the cross-media landscape measurement in its fullness has been recognized by this year’s IAB Europe’s Research Awards in the category: Audience Measurement.[nbsp]

Our two-product duo comprise a unique value proposition for both, marketers and media owners. Thanks to gemiusPostBuy advertisers are able to have an in-depth insight into their all-media-including cross-media campaign. gemiusAdReal on the other hand is a trailblazing market intelligence tool allowing for a comprehensive market and competition examination in both, digital and cross-media world.

“We are incredibly proud that our study has been recognized by the European advertising market experts”, comments Marcin Pery, the newly appointed Gemius CEO. “All our efforts in the recent months have been focused on the cross-media analysis and the development of our single source panel. But we do not forget about the digital market that has been using our products for 20 years now. Our goal is incessantly to deliver the best solutions for all market players and simultaneously allow the advertising market to grow”.

This is our fourth recognition in the IAB Europe’s Awards. Previously, Gemius was awarded with the Research Award in 2015 for our Behavioral Panel Synthesis methodology allowing media owners to see the campaign reach from all devices. In 2016, we won by presenting our Overnight methodology enabling production of daily data for website viewership statistics. In 2017, IAB recognised gemiusAdReal, now boosted with cross-media analysis possibilities.