Toy manufacturers increase their activity on the occasion of Children's Day
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Toy manufacturers increase their activity on the occasion of Children's Day

Children's Day (June 1st) is a great opportunity to promote the offers of manufacturers of toys and articles for children. Based on the results of the gemiusAdReal study, we analyzed the advertising activity of the toy industry in May. When did the advertising offensive start and who was the most active player in it?

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We analyzed the advertising activity of brands from the toy industry in May 2023, we also compared it with the period preceding Christmas.

According to the data, in the indicated period, the toy industry generated over 588 million advertising contacts. The vast majority of them, as much as 61%, took place on television. At that time, brands from the analyzed industry did not use radio in their communication.

The most active brand and communication strategies

The most active brand in the "Toys" category in advertising was the Lego brand, whose Share of Voice in the entire industry amounted to 17% (101 million advertising contacts). In second place was the De Agostini brand, which recorded 37 million advertising contacts.

When it comes to brand communication strategies before Children's Day, the increase in the number of advertising contacts took place from the second week of May and remained at a higher level until the end of the month.

How does this period looks comparing to the time before Christmas?

It should be noted, however, that the increase in advertising activity of the toy industry related to Children's Day was incomparably smaller than that associated with Christmas, when in December 2022 alone in the "Toys" category we recorded 1.73 billion advertising contacts.

The daily number of advertising contacts of brands from the "Toys" industry in the period from June 2022 to May 2023 is presented in the chart below.

Brands from the "Toys" category were analysed. The analysis does not take into account the promotional activity of stores selling and advertising toys.

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