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Top 25 most visited websites in Lithuania - February 2024

The unusually warm February, as it does every year, had a slight drop in internet traffic, which is influenced by the shorter month compared to the previous one. In February, the average number of daily real users was -3.21% lower than in January, but users spent more time per view, with an average increase of +4.61% The data includes traffic from mobile applications as well as stream players owned by the websites.

Average daily Real Users

The news website topped the list of audited websites (i.e. those that have installed the Gemius measurement script in the website code) in terms of average daily real users, with almost 484 thousand (-9.58%) Lithuanian internet users visiting it on average every day in February. The second place was occupied by, which was visited by over 430 thousand (-11.32%) internet users on average every day last month, and the third place was occupied by with 407 thousand (-5.63%) daily real users on average.

According to this metric, in February, the highest growths were seen on (+29.43%; +6.4 thousand real users daily) and (+6.21%; +528 real users daily).

ATS (Average Time Spent)

In February, according to the average time spent per user on the audited websites, internet users spent the most time on the transport classifieds portal - 2 hours. 02 min. (+0.44%), news website - 1 hour. 40 min (-0.20%) and news website - 1 h. 35 minutes (-16.78%).

Last month, the average time spent per user browsing on all devices on the audited websites was 6 hours 59 minutes, i.e. -13.51% less than in January. In February, those browsing on a computer spent on average 4 hours 52 minutes (-13.60%), while mobile users spent 4 hours 51 minutes (-12.40%).

Real Users

Last month, in the TOP25 list of audited websites, had the highest growth in terms of real users on all platforms: +13.18% on the Total (almost +56 thousand real users per month), +1.76% on the computer platform (+2 thousand real users per month), +18.45% on mobile devices (+62 thousand real users per month).

In February, 1 million 840 thousand Lithuanian internet users (-0.57%) browsed on the Total platform of the audited websites. More than 1 million 120 thousand (-0.98%) Lithuanian internet users browsed on computers and 1 million 520 thousand (-0.47%) on mobile devices.


At the end of the winter, in the TOP25 list of audited websites by page views across all platforms (Total), the highest growth was recorded for the medical website (+6.52%) and the classifieds website (+4.04%)

In February, the audited websites generated -17.32% fewer page views on the total platform across all devices (Total) than in January - 880 million. The number of page views generated by computers was - 206 million (-19.33%). Meanwhile, page views generated on mobile devices were 674 million, -16.69% less than in January.

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