TOP 10 Advertisers in Latvia in December
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TOP 10 Advertisers in Latvia in December

Which advertisers were the most popular in December 2022 in Latvia? See our analysis based on data from the gemiusAdReal study.

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In AdReal's data on the Top 10 most popular brands in December by the number of users reached by display banners, the leading position is taken by the trade brand Rd Electronics for the first time, moving up three positions, as display banners appeared to 515,000 Internet users from computers last month. Moving up a position, airBaltic from the tourism industry takes the second place in the top of display creatives with 493,000 Real Users. The Top 3 is completed by the trade brand Lidl with 490,000 users, rising two places in the top. The fourth most popular brand in December in terms of the number of users reached by display creatives from computers is newcomer Euronics with 476,000 Real Users, followed by Pērc and Pārdod, with 462,000 users moving up two positions in the chart compared to the November data. Moving up from the eighth to the sixth position, the brand’s Klondaika display ads appeared on 439,000 users' computers in December. The display banners of the newcomer to the top - Go3 - reached 437,000 users, ranking in the seventh position of the top. Losing two positions, the brand Bite is eighth with 437,000 Real Users, while the December top is closed by two trade brands – Maxima with 433,000 decorators and Rimi with 423,000 Real Users, losing nine positions in the top of the most popular brands in December.

As in the previous month, six new entrants have joined the top video brands – Klondaika opens the top with 279,000 Real Users, followed by Optibet with the same number of users on whose computers the brand's video ads have appeared - both are brands from the sports betting and gambling industry and their advertising is placed in foreign internet media, taking into account that the Latvian Law on Gambling and Lotteries stipulates that the advertising of gambling and interactive gambling organization websites is prohibited in Latvia outside the places of gambling organization.

The finance industry brand Swedbank has joined the top in third position, reaching 266,000 users, while the fourth most popular brand and newcomer to the video top in December is Lidl with 235,000 users, which has already been represented in the display banner brand top. In December, the trade brand Super Alko also joined the top, as video creatives appeared to 215,000 users from computers. Losing four positions, the sixth most popular brand by the number of users reached by video ads is Lego with 212,000 users, followed by Pērc un Pārdod from the trade industry with 207,000 Real Users, losing four positions in the top compared to November. Leisure industry brand Laimz returns to the top with 206,000 Real Users in December, while Betsafe with 196,000 users, moving up one place in December, and Tele2 with 194,000 Real Users, which has lost five positions in the top, closes the top.

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