TOP 10 Advertisers in Latvia: Display and Video Ads
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TOP 10 Advertisers in Latvia: Display and Video Ads

Which advertisers were the most popular in May 2022? See Gemius Latvia analysis based on data from the gemiusAdReal study.

In May 2022 airBaltic has joined the Top 10 most popular display and video advertising brands according to the gemiusAdReal data. Trade brand Ksenukai has also entered the top of the display advertising brands and Drogas joins the video top.

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In May 2022, travel and tourism brand airBaltic joined AdReal's top 10 advertisers in display and video ads. Brands display ads appeared on the computers of 452,000 Internet users, while video creatives reached 222,000 Real Users. As in the previous month, Swedbank advertisements are also ranked in both the display and video brand tops according to the number of users reached - Swedbank display advertisements appeared on 486,000 user computers, but video creatives reached 281,000 Real Users.

Reaching 553,000 users from computers, Rimi ranks first in AdReal's display advertising top like previously. Meanwhile, the telecommunications brand Bite with 508,000 Real Users has joined the top in the second position, and the brand Lidl is third with 505,000 users. In May, Ikea rose from the 10th to 5th position in the top of display ads with 482,000 Real Users. Maxima lost seven positions with 463,000 Real Users, and in May it is the ninth most popular brand in terms of the number of users reached by display ads. It should be noted that in May, the trade brand Ksenukai entered the top in eight place with 463,000 Real Users.

In the data on video advertising, the telecommunications brand Tet ranks first with 344,000 users on whose computers the brand's video ads have appeared. It should be noted that Tet + brand from the video on demand industry with 250,000 users also ranks sixth in the top in May. Stepping up by two positions, BetSafe ranks second with 315,000 Real Users, while Dormeo closes Top 3 with 305,000 users. Last month, trade brand Drogas joined the Top 10 with 265,000 users in fifth place, as well as Optibet joined the top with 221,000 Real Users in ninth place. Furniture and interior online store Mēbeles1 in tenth place with 216,000 Real Users on which computers brand’s video ads appeared.

About gemiusAdReal

The gemiusAdReal system in Latvia processes around 4 million video ads and 54 million display ads every day, including about 60,000 new display ads and 5,000 video ads entering the system every day. Advertisements are categorized into 18 industries - telecommunications, clothing and accessories, trade, food, finance, pharmaceuticals, household equipment and more, which can be viewed in detail in a number of sub-industries. They can be viewed by brand owner, brand, media owner, media channel or industry.

The study is based on a panel of a representative group of Internet users who have downloaded a plug-in to measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns on their computers. The data collected is categorized and weighted to get an overall picture of the online advertising market.

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