TOP 10 Advertisers in Germany in April
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TOP 10 Advertisers in Germany in April

Which brands were the most popular on the German market in April 2023? Read Gemius analysis based on data from the gemiusAdReal study.[nbsp]

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In April 2023 Top 10 Advertisers in Germany ranking, the 1st brand on the podium was Lidl. It reached over 51,2 million Real Users with its advertising message. 2nd place was taken by eBay - Brand from Trade industry (RU = 51 mln, Reach = 85,8%) and 3rd place - by Ikea (RU = 49,4 mln, Reach = 82,1%). These were all well-known players in April ranking.

The Top 10 ranking in April 2023 based on gemiusAdReal data includes quite a lot of Brands from Trade industry – four of them are Supermarkets and stores - (Lidl, Rewe, OBI, Ikea). Also fast food giant (Mcdonald’s) were in the April TOP. What is interesting in previous month is that brand with the highest number of Ad contacts (2,1 billion) and frequency (42.04) was eBay. The longest ad contact time was recorded for OBI (18.23 sec). Among the most popular advertisers of April 2023 in Germany one Brand related to telecommunication can be found – Telekom with third highest ad contacts time recorded of 14.72s.

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Source: gemiusAdReal, April 2023, Top 10 brands, All media types, Ad type: Video

However, Top 10 ranking of Advertisers with Video-ads only includes also Lidl, RTL+, L’Oreal Paris, McDonald’s and Ikea. The highest reach recorded with Video-ads only was for Lidl with a total Reach of 79.72

Source: gemiusAdReal, Schwarz vs REWE Group, April 2023, TG:ALL, Media Type: ALL, Ad Type: VIDEO only

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