TikTok’s advertising champions #GemiusTurkey
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TikTok’s advertising champions #GemiusTurkey

TikTok, one of the world's leading social media platforms, has grown its audience rapidly since day one. It has not only attracted millions of people, but also made many moves to challenge its competitors. Gemius, which tracks TikTok's traffic through the Gemius Audience, will now measure TikTok's advertising with the Gemius AdReal. Let’s have a look at TikTok’s advertising champions in Turkey.

Born and grown in China, TikTok has been embraced by the world in a short time, bringing millions of users in front of the screen. On the other hand, giant brands that wish to catch up with the large masses reached by TikTok are also trying to spread their ads through TikTok. So, what about the interest of advertisers on TikTok? Which brands reach their potential customers through this app?

Gemius AdReal, the common choice of digital marketing professionals, started measuring TikTok on July 2022 and will remain in the beta process until October. According to Gemius AdReal's July data, advertisers are highly interested in TikTok.


Trendyol brand ranks top with 10 million real users, followed by Yemeksepeti.com, which has reached 9 million real users. The e-commerce giant Amazon also did not ignore TikTok, and reached 7.2 million, ranking third in the list. Following Amazon, TikTok’s other advertising champions in the analysed period were as follows: Akbank Axess Credit Card (6.9M), Huobi (6.9M), Akbank (6.8M), Yapı Kredi Bank (6.7M), Getir (6.4M), Nescafe (6M), and Azar (5.5M).


Reaching a wide audience through TikTok, the giant brands went on to announce their projects and campaigns with creative videos they designed. According to the data of Gemius AdReal, Amazon.com.tr preferred to reflect the shopping festival organized under the Amazon Prime brand between July 18-25 in its creative content and reached its visitors with the message of "amazing opportunities for 7 days".

Netflix, boasting a strong position in the Turkish market as well as in the world, has preferred to highlight one of its new domestic productions, “Zeytin Ağacı” (The Olive Tree). Having drawn attention with its updated interface in the past months, Yemeksepeti has preferred to use a pizza creative on TikTok and reached its visitors with the message "2 medium pizza opportunities".


Unlike the Gemius AdReal, Gemius has long measured TikTok's visitor traffic with Gemius Audience. According to the January-July 2022 data of Gemius Audience, which the publishers commonly rely on for competition analysis, there has been a notable change in TikTok's visitor traffic since the first day of this year.

TikTok reached 32 million visitors in January and saw its lowest performance for the first 7 months in February and March. However, with the arrival of spring, it has strengthened its traffic and peaked at 40 million in June. Finally, an important reminder. We will share with you the data highlights for the first half of this year with our special newsletter "Mid-Year Digital Overview of 2022", which we plan to publish on August 22.

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