The Czech opt for Gemius
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The Czech opt for Gemius

Gemius has been chosen the official provider of internet research in the Czech Republic. The contract was signed for two years, with possible prolongation for another two. It becomes enforceable in January 2015. Gemius has been measuring the Czech in

Sdružení Pro Internetovou Reklamu (SPIR), the Czech industry organization taking care of the online market development in the Czech Republic since 2000, has selected Gemius, together with Mediaresearch, as the official provider of the internet market measurement services. This means that the research conducted by the Polish company – In cooperation with the Czech research agency – will remain the source of information on website traffic for publishers, advertisers, advertising agencies and media houses in this country. The selection was made in course of a tender.

"The victory in the tender is important for us, as it further confirms the trust that SPIR places in us" says Vesna Zakarič, International Sales and Marketing Director, Board of Directors Member at Gemius. "We are proud to provide internet measurement currency in the Czech Republic, one of the most developed internet markets in EMEA region, where Gemius is operating. It is a challenge and a pleasure to fulfil high quality standards set by the market" adds Zakarič.

The Czech market victory is yet another international success of Gemius, which is celebrating its 15th birthday this year. In April, the company commenced internet research in Belgium and Luxembourg, last year it entered the Kazakh market and won tenders in Denmark, Turkey and Hungary again.

The Czech internet research conducted by Gemius in collaboration with the research agency Mediaresearch is known under the name NetMonitor (globally the research is referred to as gemiusAudience), and it is now being carried out in over 35 countries in the EMEA region (Europe, North Africa and Middle East). The aim of the research study is to define the number and demographic profiles of internet users and analyse the way in which they utilize the web. It has been recently extended with measurement of traffic coming from mobile applications (Israel, Latvia and Hungary) as well as audio and video materials audience measurement (Bosnia and[nbsp] Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Hungary). At present, Gemius is[nbsp] adding another functionality to the research: online traffic measurement with consideration of multichannelling, which is already available on the Danish market. The research is conducted in keeping with the international code of conduct ICC/ESOMAR.

SPIR (Sdružení Pro Internetovou Reklamu, the Association for Internet Advertising) is a Czech Joint Industry Committee. It associates 60 companies, the largest providers of advertising space and sponsors of internet advertising, engaged in online advertising in the Czech Republic. It covers more than 80 per cent of the domestic commercial internet market, and is de facto its determining player. More information available at:

According to the NetMonitor research* (March, 2014), in the Czech Republic the internet is used by nearly 96 per cent of the population (age: 18 – 69).

Gemius currently operates in 36 countries of Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and in 17 of those the company maintains its local offices.


*SPIR – Gemius and Mediaresearch

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