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Sports events drive the betting industry

Numerous sports events took place in June, and these - as we know - are fuel for the bookmaking industry. We used data from the gemiusAdReal study to check how online sports betting companies shaped their advertising strategies at that time

Throughout the month, the number of advertising contacts in the bookmaking industry amounted to 1.3 billion, which translated into a reach of 83% in the population of Poles aged 7-75. The most active sports betting brands were Fortuna and STS Zakłady Bukmacherskie. Their Share of Voice in the entire industry is as much as 74%. Both brands ran their advertising campaigns both on television and on the Internet. The Fortuna brand generated 488 million advertising contacts in June (48% reach). 93% of them took place on the Internet (454 million), while TV activity accounted for only 7% (34 million).

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The STS Zakłady Bukmacherskie brand generated 469 million advertising contacts in the discussed period, and its advertising activities translated into 75% of the reach in the population - definitely more than in the case of the Fortuna brand. The STS television campaign accounted for 20% of all advertising contacts (96 million). The rest belonged to the Internet - digital activity amounted to 373.8 million advertising contacts in the case of STS.

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In addition to the Fortuna and STS Zakłady Bukmacherskie brands, TV campaigns were also run by the Superbet and Betclic brands. None of the analyzed brands ran a radio campaign in the analyzed period.

Top 10 ranking

Below we present the ranking of the TOP10 brands from the sports betting industry, in terms of the number of advertising contacts in June 2023.

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Advertising activity of the industry and sporting events

In June, three moments can be observed that stand out with increased advertising activity of brands from the bookmaking industry. The most intensive day in terms of the number of advertising contacts was June 3, when the KSW gala and the fight between Pudzianowski and Szpilka took place. At that time, the sports betting industry generated over 98 million advertising contacts on TV and digital High results were also recorded on June 10 (the game Świątek vs Muchova as part of the French Open) and on June 20 (the match of the Polish national football team against Moldova).

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The analysis in terms of reach is a bit different, because in this case the record results were recorded on June 10, 16 and 20. The increase on June 3 is also visible, but significantly less than it was in the case of advertising contacts.

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For each sporting event that took place in June, the STS Zakłady Bukmacherskie brand had the highest reach. The best results were recorded on June 16, i.e. on the day of the match between Poland and Germany (33.1% of the population of Poles aged 7-75) and on June 20, on the day of the match against Moldova (31.88%). These are also the days when each of the analyzed brands reached the highest ranges in the discussed period.

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