Sport cumulation -  analysis of websites and apps from the "Sport" category
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Sport cumulation - analysis of websites and apps from the "Sport" category

This year, May and June were full of sports events - football and volleyball Champions League games, matches of the Polish national team, the French Open tournament won by Iga Świątek, and the start of the European Games organized in Poland. We checked whether the multitude of sports events translated into the popularity of websites and web applications on this subject. Conclusions? More emotions than football performances of Poles are aroused by club football at the highest level.

Mediapanel study results for June 2023.

Advertising market in Poland - May 2023.

We analyzed pages and applications from the "Sport" category, and its time frame covered the period from the beginning of May to the end of June.

Real Users

According to the data, the most people - 6.9 million - browsed sports websites on May 18, the day after Manchester City outclassed Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals. For comparison, on the days when the Polish national football team played its matches against Germany and Moldova (June 16 and 20), the number of RUs on the pages in question was 5.7 million. On June 21, this indicator was higher and amounted to nearly 6 million - on that day, Internet users could be interested in post-match comments or the European Games in Krakow, which are just beginning. On the day when Iga Świątek won the French Open final (June 10), sports websites recorded 5.9 million RU, and it is worth mentioning that the Champions League final took place on the same day.

Average Time Spent

The analysis of the average time users spent on pages from the "Sports" category indicates that they were most engaged in the content they viewed on May 20 - the ATS was nearly 11 minutes then, with the May average of 6 minutes and 29 seconds. On that day, the final of the volleyball Champions League took place with the participation of two Polish teams - Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn Koźle and Jastrzębski Węgiel - as well as the Fame MMA gala in the Atlas Arena in Łódź. A high ATS was also recorded on June 16 and 20 (the already mentioned matches of the Polish national football team) and June 10 (the finals of the French Open and the football Champions League).

The majority are men, villages residents and educated people

Internet users who are the audience of pages from the Sport category are mainly men (57.7% vs 42.3 women). As many as 22.3% of all visitors to websites on this subject are people aged 35-44, while in terms of education, the majority of Internet users have at least a high school diploma (68.6%). Most, 35%, fans of content related to sport live in rural areas. Please note that presented demographic data is based on analysis for June 2023.

Top 10 brands from the "Sports" category

Finally, we present the Top 10 ranking in the "Sport" category for June 2023. The most popular sections this month were the sports sections of (8.8 million RU and ATS at the level of 20m 46s), Onet (7.2 million RU and ATS 20m 11s) and Interia (RU of 6.9 million and ATS of 13m).

About Mediapanel Research

Mediapanel is the first cross-media study in Poland based on a single source. The study combines site-centric measurement (measurement scripts at the site and application level) and user-centric measurement (panelists' behavior). In the production of data, we use proprietary, internationally recognized methodologies and algorithms. The Mediapanel study provides a complete and reliable picture of the Polish online market. It offers the possibility of analyzing and comparing the viewership of websites, applications and streaming materials on various types of devices, optimization of advertising budgets, comparison of traffic on desktops and laptops at home (PC-home) and at work (PC-work), as well as determining the position of the entity and its competition.

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