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Social Media 2023

Characteristics of users of Polish social media platforms, an in-depth description of the most important players and an overview of the social media advertising market.

Readers have just received the first edition of the Social Media 2023 Report, based on gemiusAdReal and Mediapanel research data. The report, which describes Polish social media in a cross-sectional way, is the result of cooperation between Gemius, PBI and the Social Media Group at IAB Polska.

The data in the report has been organized in three chapters:

  1. "Characteristics of social media users" presents who the people using social media are, taking into account their demographics.
  2. "Comparison of social media platforms" provides in-depth information on the most important players on the social media market in Poland, including data on duplication between individual websites and the way they are consumed.
  3. "Advertising market" allows you to find out what industries advertise most willingly on given platforms, or what types of ads are the most popular on them.

Women more active in social media

According to the data, almost 28 million Internet users aged 7-75 use social media. Most of them are women (51.8% vs. 48.2% men), more often they are also inhabitants of rural areas (36.2%) and people with secondary or higher education (over 65% of users in total). Women spend more time using social media (2h 4m 11s per day on average) compared to 1h 58m 40s for men.

TikTok and Snapchat the most popular among young people

When it comes to the most popular platforms, there are two leaders: YouTube and Facebook. Last year, both services reached, on average, nearly 90% of Internet users per month. It is worth noting, however, that in the youngest age groups TikTok is particularly popular (reach in age groups up to 24 years old exceeds 60%) and Snapchat (44.5% of reach in the 7-14 group and 47% in the 15-24 group).

Most ads on Facebook

An analysis of the advertising market of social platforms shows that in terms of the number of advertising contacts, Facebook is the leader (an average of 10.4 billion monthly in 2022). The second place in this context belonged to the YouTube platform (5.2 billion ad contacts), while the third to TikTok - an average of 1.9 billion ad contacts per month.

About Social Media 2023 Report

The report was based on data from the Mediapanel and gemiusAdReal research. The period from January 1 to December 31, 2022 was analysed, and monthly averages from the entire year were taken into account. The report analyzes platforms (browser versions and applications) on PC and Mobile devices: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok*, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitch. The premiere of the report took place during the IAB 2023 Forum.