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Next step in Out-of-home audience measurement - Gemius x AMS

Based on data from cross- media research Mediapanel, Gemius will measure the reach potential of advertising on AMS external media. This is the next stage in the development of audience research for Out-of-Home advertising in Poland carried out by AMS.

AMS has been introducing innovative OOH advertising research methods for many years, so we are pleased that Mediapanel , as the only single-source cross-media measurment in Poland, has gained its recognition and approval. Our cooperation, which assumes the use of the knowledge and experience of both companies, will allow us to create and offer the market a product of the highest quality.comments Jarosław Pawlak, Head of Mediapanel research development.

Establishing cooperation with Gemius is a natural stage in the development of the standard of outdoor advertising audience research in Poland. Currently, AMS, as part of the Outdoor Research Institute , conducts Outdoor research Track . It provides the market with VAC contacts ( Visibility Adjusted Contact ) as the currency in settlements of Out-of-Home campaigns implemented in the ten largest agglomerations in Poland.

It is worth emphasizing that AMS was one of the initiators of including Out-of-Home advertising in Mediapanel . Already in 2022, during the #DataDrivenDOOH conference we organized, Gemius presented the first test calculations of the entire Digital OOH AMS media system. We achieved a high result of 73% of the reach measured by the OTS indicator, i.e. Opportunity To See - said Marek Kuzaka, president of AMS.

Data from Mediapanel regarding outdoor advertising, both classic and digital, will allow in the future to directly compare its effectiveness with the media examined so far, which gives the opportunity to more fully present the audience potential of OOH advertising.