Mediapanel study results for May 2023
Media consumption

Mediapanel study results for May 2023

Below we present detailed aggregated monthly data from the Internet research: rankings of publishers, websites and applications. We also present a list of audited audio and video players - we show their results in aggregation to media groups participating in the study.

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#Mediapanel case study: Mother's Day

In May, the number of Internet users amounted to 29.6 million. On average, 25.6 million people used this medium daily.

We would like to remind you that on April 24, 2023, we implemented a package of important methodological updates aimed at even better mapping of the real situation on the online market in the data. Updates made may affect some results (e.g. RU, views, time), especially for unaudited domains and audited applications. Therefore, it is important to remember that changes in results (e.g. noticeable decreases or increases compared to the previous month) may be the result of methodological updates, not the health of individual domains or applications. Therefore, we do not recommend comparing the results after the update with those before the implementation, and in case of doubts as to the interpretation of the data, please contact us.

About Mediapanel Research

Mediapanel is the first cross-media study in Poland based on a single source. The study combines site-centric measurement (measurement scripts at the site and application level) and user-centric measurement (panelists' behavior). In the production of data, we use proprietary, internationally recognized methodologies and algorithms. The Mediapanel study provides a complete and reliable picture of the Polish online market. It offers the possibility of analyzing and comparing the viewership of websites, applications and streaming materials on various types of devices, optimization of advertising budgets, comparison of traffic on desktops and laptops at home (PC-home) and at work (PC-work), as well as determining the position of the entity and its competition.

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