#Mediapanel case study: Mother's Day
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#Mediapanel case study: Mother's Day

Women are the main readers of websites about parenting, according to the analysis of data from the Mediapanel study, prepared by Gemius and PBI. Women Internet users not only the majority of users of parenting websites and applications, but also spend more time on them. Edziecko.pl is the leader of the "Parenthood" category.

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Pages and apps from the "Parenting" category in April 2023 were analyzed.

According to the data, as much as 63% of all users of websites with content for parents are women. In this group, we also observe overrepresentation in relation to the population - the Affinity Index in their case is 124.4 - while in the group of men we are dealing with underrepresentation (AI of 74.8). Internet users also spend almost twice as much time on websites in this category (8m and 48s) than Internet users (4m 54s). Women also account for as much as 72% of all page views made on parenting websites.

More mothers of young children

One of the demographic variables included in the Mediapanel study is information on having children and their age. We checked the interest in parenting content among Internet users who declared having children. It turned out that the largest overrepresentation was recorded in the group of mothers of toddlers up to 3 years of age (Affinity Index of 142.2) and preschool children (AI of 146.2). Among mothers of older children there is also an overrepresentation in relation to the population, but it is not so significant. Women who declared having children spent an average of almost 8 minutes browsing parenting content in April.

When it comes to the age of Internet users...

The analysis of the structure of Internet users browsing websites and applications in the "Parenting" category - this time without a breakdown by gender - shows that people aged 30-44 are most interested in this type of content. They account for a total of 32% of users of parenting websites and apps. In their case, we also observe an overrepresentation in relation to the population: AI at the level of 121.4 for people aged 30-34, 116.7 for those aged 35-39 and 117.2 for people aged 40-44.

The most popular parenting websites

Two players dominate among parenting websites – edziecko.pl and parenting.pl. Each of them was visited by over 6 million people in April, reaching over 20% of Internet users. The next website in the ranking – mjakmama24.pl – recorded 1.8 million real users in the surveyed month (6% of reach). The time an average Internet user spent on these websites in April was 4m 14s for edziecko.pl and 4m 22s for parenting.pl. The third position in terms of ATS was taken by mamotoja.pl, where users spent an average of 3m and 38s.

About Mediapanel Research

Mediapanel is the first cross-media study in Poland based on a single source. The study combines site-centric measurement (measurement scripts at the site and application level) and user-centric measurement (panelists' behavior). In the production of data, we use proprietary, internationally recognized methodologies and algorithms. The Mediapanel study provides a complete and reliable picture of the Polish online market. It offers the possibility of analyzing and comparing the viewership of websites, applications and streaming materials on various types of devices, optimization of advertising budgets, comparison of traffic on desktops and laptops at home (PC-home) and at work (PC-work), as well as determining the position of the entity and its competition.

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