#Mediapanel case study: May long weekend? Depends on weather!
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#Mediapanel case study: May long weekend? Depends on weather!

This year's May long weekend was exceptionally favorable - three days of vacation were enough to extend the rest to as many as nine! Did the Poles take advantage of this opportunity and go on vacation? The analysis based on the Mediapanel study shows that many waited until the last minute to make a decision, and the weather forecast was particularly important in making the decision.

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The analysis prepared by PBI and Gemius covered websites and applications from the "Weather" and "Tourism" categories, and the period covered from the beginning of April until May 4, 2023.

Sun or rain?

According to the Mediapanel data, special interest in weather services and applications fell on April 23-26, i.e. a week before the May long weekend. The daily number of real users significantly exceeded the average for the analyzed period (3.9 million RU), at the record time (April 24) by as much as 27%.

The same tendency could be observed when analyzing the number of page views on the mentioned before websites and applications. The peak of interest in this case also fell on April 24, when the number of page views exceeded the average for the period of 7.3 million by 46% and reached 10.6 million.

Top Apps and Services

And which of the websites and applications enjoyed the greatest interest among Internet users? In the first place in the analyzed period was the weather.com website, which was visited by 9.6 million people, generating nearly 80 million page views. The second place of the ranking was taken by Interia's weather service (5.9 million real users, but over 80 million views), while the Weather and Radar application, which attracted 2.4 million Internet users, came in third.

Last minute decision

In the case of advertising websites related to tourism, we narrowed the analysis down to April. It turned out that the increased interest in pages in this category could be observed already from the second decade of the month - the record number of RUs was set on April 11 (1.2 million), which was an increase compared to the monthly average (0.8 million) by 44%. The increased popularity of travel classifieds sites continued until April 28.

The analysis of the number of views again confirmed the trend resulting from the number of users, with the record day being April 25 in this case. On that day, Internet users generated as many as 6.4 million hits on websites with tourist ads, which is 60% more than the average for the entire month (4 million).

About Mediapanel Research

Mediapanel is the first cross-media study in Poland based on a single source. The study combines site-centric measurement (measurement scripts at the site and application level) and user-centric measurement (panelists' behavior). In the production of data, we use proprietary, internationally recognized methodologies and algorithms. The Mediapanel study provides a complete and reliable picture of the Polish online market. It offers the possibility of analyzing and comparing the viewership of websites, applications and streaming materials on various types of devices, optimization of advertising budgets, comparison of traffic on desktops and laptops at home (PC-home) and at work (PC-work), as well as determining the position of the entity and its competition.

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