Marcin Pery: a new Gemius CEO
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Marcin Pery: a new Gemius CEO

Marcin Pery has replaced Piotr Ejdys as the new Gemius CEO.

From 2003 to 2008, Marcin Pery had acted as the company’s first Vice President. In the next years, outside Gemius, he was involved in the development of numerous projects in the media industry to come back to the firm in 2015. Since then, the development of the Gemius’ single source study development has remained in his main focus.

“Today, our key strategic objective is both growth and expansion of our unique single source study, measuring both traditional and digital media. This is the focal point of Gemius’ activity inside and out.” Pery points out. “Cross-media campaign measurement has debuted on the Polish market a few months ago. The attention we have, since then, received from clients indicates that we managed to answer the long-unsatisfied marketers’ need”, adds Marta Sulkiewicz, a Chief Sales Officer at Gemius.

The company’s former CEO, Piotr Ejdys will continue to support the firm with his extensive knowledge and expertise especially in the area of technological development.