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Jet Line and Gemius will measure the reach of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising agency Jet Line has signed an agreement with research firm Gemius. Thanks to this cooperation, based on data from the cross-media Mediapanel survey, Jet Line will measure the reach potential of ads on its outdoor media. Mediapanel is the only single source media measurement in Poland, currently presenting results for the Internet, radio and television. Cooperation with Jet Line is another step toward including DOOH results in the survey as well

The company's MORE (digital OOH) screen network is metered thanks to ARA sensors, and audience data and demographics are collected in real time for each ad spot broadcast.

The company has also launched a tool: proof of play. It has integrated with the gDE system from Gemius, which is an established tool for monitoring online campaigns. This means that the impressions report is not created based on data from the screen operator (as is the case with most publishers), but from an external entity.

- Thanks to the agreement with Gemius, we can take another step towards providing reliable data on OOH and DOOH advertising audience - the reach of advertising campaigns. Our clients planning and executing their campaigns will gain additional knowledge about the audience and thus will be able to use their advertising budgets more effectively," said Michal Ciundziewicki, CEO of Jet Line.

- DOOH is an increasingly attractive market segment for advertisers. This is indicated, for example, by the growth in advertising spending, which in its case is at a record high. At the same time, it is a medium that poses a considerable challenge for researchers. We are pleased that Jet Line, with which we cooperate on many projects, has appreciated the possibilities and value of Mediapanel's cross-media survey in the context of estimating the size of the DOOH audience and its advertising potential. The inclusion of Jet Line's media measurement in Mediapanel will allow, in the future, not only to more effectively present the reach of DOOH itself, but also its strength against other media included in the study. - comments Jaroslaw Pawlak, Head of Mediapanel research development.

Jet Line also has audience research for its Motorway 12x4 billboards. The research model was developed in cooperation between two polytechnics (Gdansk and Krakow) and a research agency (PBS). It is applied to any OOH space whose quality and parameters meet the standards of the Motorway network. The main objective was to characterize the people who had contact with the media and to study the frequency of these contacts.

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