gemiusAudience: June summary for Ukraine
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gemiusAudience: June summary for Ukraine

Gemius presents ranking of the most popular sites in Ukraine in June 2023 regarding changes in Ukrainian Internet audience during the war. Read our analysis based on #gemiusAudience data.

The total Internet audience of Ukraine decreased during the war on all platforms and amounts in June 2023 - 25.6 million Real Users (decreased by 2.7 million Real Users). The total audience on PC platform is 14.2 million Real Users (decreased by 5.4 million Real Users), on Phone platform - 23.7 million Real Users (decreased by 1.7 million Real Users), on Tablets - 2.9 million Real Users.

All the same players of the digital segment as before the revaluation of the UAnet population remain the champions in terms of Reach on PC+Phone platforms in June. In the first place - the Google service (88.5%), in the second - the social network FB (54.4%), on the third position - YouTube (52.5%), after them free online library Wikipedia (40.1%) with a significant gap in Reach numbers. News sites - UNIAN (39.1%) and TSN (37.3%) took the fifth and sixth positions. The next in the ranking are Rozetka (36.6%) and PROM (34.4%) marketplaces, and the portal (31%), Privatbank (29.7%) close the top 10. The longest average time spent on website is still for Google, followed by the OLX marketplace, which regained its second position, and the social network FB.

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