#gemiusAdReal TOP 10 advertisers in Germany in March
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#gemiusAdReal TOP 10 advertisers in Germany in March

Which brands were the most popular on the German market in March 2023? See Gemius analysis based on data from the gemiusAdReal study.[nbsp]

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The discoveries uncovered by this research offer significant and advantageous comprehension of the advertising ecosystem in Germany. This information can be used by marketing professionals and advertisers to create and implement highly effective and impactful strategies that specifically align with the preferences and desires of their intended audience, resulting in greater engagement and ultimately, improved conversion rates.

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According to the March 2023 Top 10 Brands in Germany ranking, Amazon secured the top spot with its advertising messages reaching almost 53 million Real Users. What interesting in this month is that Amazon had the highest score in every category, however in one category Amazon wasn’t the largest which was – contact time with only 11,50s. EBay, a well-known multinational e-commerce brand, took second place with a number of 50.5 million Real Users and an impressive 87,19% reach. On third place was o2, with a total of about 50 million Real Users and a reach of 86.87%. Two companies after the podium were telecommunications related brands - Vodafone with one of the highest ad contacts time in the ranking - 16,80s and Telekom with over 800 milion ad contacts.

Gemius AdReal data showed that the highest ad contact time recorded in March was by Lidl - was one of the biggest supermarkets chains in Germany, whose viewers on average spent 17,41 seconds on their advertisements. In the month of March what also important to highlight is that Stetstone.de recorded a high number of ad contacts with over 500 milion ad contacts and the third highest ad contact time of 15,61s.

When it comes to reach ranking based only on video ad type, Amazon was also #1 with 79,88% Reach. Second highest in this category was o2 with Reach on level of 78,1%. The last company on the podium was Ikea with 75,97% Reach.

Source: gemiusAdReal, March 2023, Top 10 brands, All Media, Ad type: Video

In March 2023 Telefonica Germany had 32% less ad contacts compared to Vodafone, but reached more Real Users with Video ads. Another big difference when comparing these two brands was visible in ad contacts where on average Vodafone’s advertisments were viewed 32% longer than Telefonica’s Germany.

Source: gemiusAdReal, March 2023, Telefonica Germany GmbH and Co. OHG (Telefonica) vs Vodafone GmbH

About gemiusAdReal

gemiusAdReal is a market intelligence tool revealing all brands’ activities, both in the digital and cross-media world. The study allows for in-depth insight of competitors media activity across all three platforms: TV, PC and mobile including not only top application: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok but also web browsers: Chrome, Firefox and others. The comprehensive knowledge about the advertising market provided by gemiusAdReal, helps all media-players such as brand owners, media agencies and publishers in better planning their marketing strategies and media-mix optimizing.

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