#gemiusAdReal Germany: Weekly Industry Champions
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#gemiusAdReal Germany: Weekly Industry Champions

Gemius did a comprehensive analysis of prominent industries in Germany to identify the Reach and GRP champions for weekly data 12-16.06.23.[nbsp]

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Gemius, a company specializing in online advertising campaign measurement, closely tracks websites and offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions in the areas of user analysis, big data software, and consultancy. So based on gemiusAdReal data we checked what industries were the most reachable in 24th week of 2023.

Gemius Adreal's weekly Cross-Media Reach and GRP data represented an advertisement activities for Top-5 Industries across both TV channels and digital platforms such as the web, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Trade industry among All ad types is an absolute leader for both metrics with 91% of Reach and 15339 GRP. The second place by Reach occupied by Media, Books, CDandDVD with 89%, next is Other on 1% less (88%), than Travel and Tourism and Finance, Insurance, Brokerage on the same Reach level - 85%. Ranking by GRP, after Trade industry, remaining top looks a bit different in comparison to Reach champions. On second position placed Personal care and hygiene with 4953 GRP, on third – Food with 4582 GRP than Other – 4261 GRP and last one is Media, Books, CDandDVD with 3906 GRP.

In term of Video ad type ranking there are some changes in comparison to All ad types. In Reach top-5 there are no Travel and Tourism and Finance, Insurance, Brokerage industries. As for GRP – no Media, Books, CDandDVD and Other. But for both metrics Trade continues to hold its place at the top with 85% of Reach and 4912 GRP. Remaining top Industries by Reach looks next – Other and Media, Books, CDandDVD has similiar value on level 81%, followed by Personal care and hygiene and Food with 79%. In GRP’s rating second and third positions are the same as for All ad types - Personal care and hygiene and Food – 4400 and 4361 respectively. New industry in the list is Pharmaceuticals that placed on 4th postion with 2146 GRP. And last position on the podium is held by Travel and Tourism that has accumulated 2018 GRP.

About gemiusAdReal

gemiusAdReal is a market intelligence tool revealing all brands’ activities, both in the digital and cross-media world. The study allows for in-depth insight of competitors media activity across all three platforms: TV, PC and mobile including not only top application: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok but also web browsers: Chrome, Firefox and others. The comprehensive knowledge about the advertising market provided by gemiusAdReal, helps all media-players such as brand owners, media agencies and publishers in better planning their marketing strategies and media-mix optimizing.

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