#gemiusAdReal Germany: October Champions
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#gemiusAdReal Germany: October Champions

Before Black Friday, giant brands used TV and digital channels to show more advertisements, trying to reach large audiences. In this context, Gemius took the pulse of giant companies in Germany and determined the GRP champions, who increased their advertisement reach in October and left their competitors behind by a long way.

Gemius, which measures online advertising campaigns, monitors websites closely and provides services and solutions in the fields of user analysis, big data software and consultancy, has reached important information about brands and advertisement reach rates in October, as it does every month.

According to gemiusAdreal's Cross-Media GRP data (October 2022), brands trying to increase their advertisement reach on TV channels and digital platforms (web, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok platforms) tried to reach their target audience. Amazon, one of the world's leading e-commerce giants, managed to rank first by far by reaching 6764 GRP, while RTL+, which reached 2731 GRP, followed Amazon. While Kinder found its place in the top three with 2335 GRP, OTTO reached 2220 GRP and eBay, another e-commerce giant, attracted attention by reaching 2182 GRP. Looking at the reach champions, Amazon was the brand with 90%, while o2 saw 87%, WISO 85.5%, OTTO 84% and Stepstone.de 84%.

When we look at the generated GRP made by brands only on web and mobile platforms in this period, we see that the picture has changed. Reaching 6400 GRP, Amazon maintains its place in the first place, followed by eBay from its competitors with 2061 GRP. While OTTO reached 1658 GRP, T-Online 1159 GRP and Tchibo Online Store 1051 GRP were other brands that drew attention in the top 5. When we look at the reach champions in terms of only web and mobile platforms, Amazon, which ranked first with 86%, stood out with eBay 71%, OTTO 68%, o2 66% and Vodafone 65%.

Gemius also measured incremental reach rates of TV to digital and digital to TV and achieved significiant results. Thus, while the additional reach rates provided by the companies that prioritize TV-based access can be monitored, the additional reach rates provided by the TV-based brands also can be seen clearly.

When we take a look at the weekly report of gemiusAdreal, it is seen that Amazon came to the fore between November 20-26. It is noteworthy that the company, which saw the level of 75.84%, also caught the level of 8.6% on the side of the incremental reach rate. Amazon is followed by Check24, Edeka, Lidl and T-Mobile.

In October, Gemius also focused on video creatives designed by brands for TV and digital platforms. When we look at the TV+Digital GRP champions, it is seen that Wetter.de, which has reached 658 GRP, stands out. Pampers was another brand that attracted attention with its 650 GRP. When it comes to digital GRP champions, FeWo-direct took the first place with 84 GRP, and Walmart was one of the brands that attracted attention in October with 59 GRP.

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gemiusAdReal is a market intelligence tool revealing all brands’ activities, both in the digital and cross-media world. The study allows for in-depth insight of competitors media activity across all three platforms: TV, PC and mobile including not only top application: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube but also web browsers: Chrome, Firefox and others. The comprehensive knowledge about the advertising market provided by gemiusAdReal, helps all media-players such as brand owners, media agencies and publishers in better planning their marketing strategies and media-mix optimizing.

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