Gemius confirmed as official internet standard in Poland
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Gemius confirmed as official internet standard in Poland

Gemius has been chosen by PBI as the official supplier of Polish internet studies.

On Tuesday 31 May the PBI shareholders made the decision to renew cooperation with Gemius. This means that, from June onwards, Gemius and PBI will be presenting joint results of Polish online audience measurement. The data will be published on both a daily and monthly basis.

The Gemius online audience measurement commissioned by PBI will incorporate all the functionalities implemented by Gemius in recent months, including the measurement of website viewership divided into PC and mobile, and the measurement of the total reach of websites and publishers regardless of device type, divided into PC traffic by location, i.e. home and office. The data will be shared with clients both on a daily and monthly basis.

The methodology of the online audience measurement being brought to the market by PBI and Gemius has been recognised by the European internet industry. It has already won Gemius two awards in a competition organised by IAB Europe – both for the methodology enabling the measurement of publishers’ total reach (IAB Research Awards, Berlin, 2015), and for the production of daily data (IAB Research Awards, Lisbon, 2016).

Reinstatement as the official suppliers of Polish online audience measurement is not Gemius’ only success in recent months. In March, the company launched a study on the video advertising market in Poland and Ukraine. In May, they won a tender for an online audience measurement in the Czech Republic.

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