Gemius shortlisted for Best Innovation in MRS Awards 2019!
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Gemius shortlisted for Best Innovation in MRS Awards 2019!

Gemius’ single-source measurement solution is among the finalists of the MRS Awards 2019 in the “Best Innovation” category.

Our single-source fuelled cross-media measurement solution comprises two complementary products: gemiusAdReal and gemiusPostBuy. Together, they are designed to offer a custom-tailored solution for the 360° media market analysis. gemiusPostBuy allows for an in-depth examination of your own campaigns across all media channels. gemiusAdReal is a market intelligence tool passively measuring all brands’ advertising efforts both in traditional and digital media.

Marketers all over the world are asking for a cross-media campaign measurement solution that will allow for the total reach analyse of campaigns displayed on TV and in digital together with walled garden digital ecosystems. Thanks to Gemius unique solution all campaigns can be analysed and measured on the single-source panel.

- It is truly a pleasure and a great honour for us to be included alongside global projects from companies like Unilever, Lumen Research, Happen or System1 Group. Receiving Research Award from IAB Europe in June 2019 and being a finalist in MRS Awards is proving us the importance of total campaign reach in the cross-media landscape - says Marta Sulkiewicz, Chief Sales Officer in Gemius.

This year, the finalists will be announced at the final gala on December 2nd in London.

The Market Research Society (MRS) is the world's largest association serving professional knowledge about using market, social and opinion research and in business intelligence, customer insights, market analysis and consultancy with clients. MRS has 500 individual partners and over 500 Company Partners accreditations in over 50 countries.

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