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Gemius PostBuy partnership with YouTube

Gemius PostBuy, a comprehensive evaluation of Cross-screen video campaign fuelled by Single-source, is launching YouTube measurement, facilitated by Google’s Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners(ADH).

Starting from September 1st, 2023, Advertisers in Germany will be able to measure video campaigns, running on YouTube and within Linear TV holistically to understand how Digital and Linear channels work optimally together for efficient media campaigns. The newly created Google Ads Data Hub integration incorporates data signals from YouTube and provides a holistic view on the reach contributions per device and audience segment in order to maximize the Reach & Impact of Advertiser’s Media Spend. For video campaigns running on YouTube, data from ADH will include in-browser, in-app data and Connected TV.

About the technology

Gemius PostBuy was launched in Germany in 2020. Research is based on a representative Panel of German-speaking population aged 14 and over, demographically representative under gender, age, education and size of the settlement. Currently, the panel includes PC and hardware panelists, recruited by a partner company GapFish. Panel reports data on PC, smartphones, TV (reference signal covers 36 tv channels). Gemius analyzes behavior of people equipped with personal measurement optimized smartphones and reports on ad exposure level data regardless of panelist location. Data Collected by Gemius Panel is a user-centric and tag-less measurement that covers the entire market, is GDPR compliant and future proof, as it does not require 3rd party cookie data. True passive research technology, covering all media types, all channels and all activity (both in-home and out-of-home).

In 2022-2023, both Gemius and Google conducted a pilot for measuring YouTube campaign reach combined with Gemius single source panel to enable more precise and consistent Cross Media campaign Reach measurement.

Single-source panel allows to integrate tag-less and tag-based measurement, as well as server2server integration with Publishers, and YouTube is the first partner of Gemius to enrich the tool’s underlying data via anonymised and aggregated 1P data.

YouTube results in PostBuy are facilitated by Google's Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners, enabling accurate calculation of YouTube Real users, Reach and Ad contacts results in PostBuy, in addition to Incremental Reach for YouTube as compared to reach for Linear TV. ​

During campaign set-up, Linear TV will be measured using sound matching on Gemius Hardware Panel, across 36 TV channels from Gemius reference database, while YouTube commercials will be measured with Gemius Hardware Panel and Google ADH integration (PC, Mobile and Connected TV platforms).

How can the market benefit from gemiusPostBuy research?

In the new world of cross-media analytics, the NET reach across all platforms and devices is becoming a key learning tool for marketers. Are you sure your last campaign was well-optimised? What channel upbuilt your reach the most? With gemiusPostBuy You can check total Net Reach of campaign (deduplicated across Digital and Linear TV), as well as Incremental Reach.

Analyse daily Ad contact frequency by media channel, creative or media type. Check, where the frequency in your target group was higher – on YouTube application, Connected TV or Linear TV?

Learn the demography of people who had contact with your campaign, analyse age and gender results day-by-day in PostBuy reporting, which is fully automated.

Integration process with an external data source (Google ADH) requires two steps.

Gemius PostBuy will provide You a comprehensive analysis of campaigns running on websites and applications across PC, Mobile and Connected TV device types, and will also include in-home and out-of-home TV data.

Gemius PostBuy integrated with Google ADH will be offered to all advertisers on the German market.

“In today's media landscape, TV campaigns can't reach nearly 20% of the Internet users aged between 16-49. Many digital channels are mostly duplicating audiences already reached via TV. With Gemius PostBuy it is finally possible to identify platforms that truly upbuild the INCREMENTAL REACH of campaigns. We are very excited about cooperation with YouTube in Cross-media campaign measurement, as it increases the granularity of Gemius PostBuy product. During last year, we’ve been running tests together to make PostBuy methodology more precise and connect 2 data sources in one data model.”

- comments Lesya Prus, Chief Sales Officer of Gemius Germany.

"Gemius Postbuy is a great new opportunity to gain insights into the Incremental Reach of YouTube in a CrossScreen Video campaign, based on a robust and independent Single Source Panel and enriched with YouTube insights via Ads Data Hub"

comments Steffen Hutmacher, Google Video Sales & Measurement Lead

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