Gemius nominated by IAB Europe
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Gemius nominated by IAB Europe

Gemius received two nominations from IAB Europe for its internet research solutions. The nominations are for its daily data production methodology, presenting websites day to day (gemiusOvernight), and its methodology allowing for the presentation of data on online browsing frequency on PCs at home and in the office (Home [&] Work Multilocation Model).

‘This is a great day for our company and all its employees, who have worked very hard to reflect the online world in the data we provide to our clients,’ proudly says Piotr Ejdys, Gemius CEO.

Piotr Ejdys adds that both of the distinguished projects are operating in more than just theory. ‘We implemented the online browsing frequency data by location, i.e. home and office, in Belgium as part of the official internet survey, which is the standard internet measurement on the Belgian market, and in Poland. We provide daily day-to-day data to the clients here, as well. The IAB Europe nominations guarantee that our clients are receiving the top quality,’ Ejdys notes.

The results of the contest will be revealed at the Interact conference on 12 May. In the category of best internet research solutions, Gemius is competing with Spotify, MindTake Research, and comScore.

This is not the first time Gemius has been recognised at the IAB Research Awards. Last year, the company was victorious in the same category it was nominated for today. It received the statue for its methodology that allows publishers to see their full online reach across all devices (Behavioural Panel Synthesis, BPS).

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