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Gemius is launching Connected TV measurement in Germany

gemiusAudience is the leading audience measurement research delivered by Gemius, providing detailed information on cross-media usage and user demographic profiles. It was successfully launched in Germany on October 1st, 2023. Gemius delivers an audience measurement tool to clients (including media agencies, advertisers and media owners) to measure cross-media content consumption and deduplicated audience reach across devices and media owners, enabling clients to plan advertising campaigns across linear TV, YouTube and other online video providers. gemiusAudience research is developed in 2 PHASES:

Phase 1 – Delivered in 2023 (German Population 14-59)

During PHASE 1, gemiusAudience provides a comprehensive analysis of visitor activity on websites and applications across PC and mobile device types, as well as in-home and out-of-home TV viewing data.

In January 2024, the gemiusAudience media planning product was also enriched with an additional target group filter - INTERESTS. With 15 main categories, it is possible to select the target audience not only based on age/gender filters, but also by interests (based on website content).

Next stage of gemiusAudience development (PHASE 2) will include Connected TV devices.

Phase 2 – Expected in Q4 2024 (German Population 14+, CONNECTED TV Panel, Reach for Connected Devices deduplicated across other media, inclusive of co-viewing)

The launch of hardware based Connected TV measurement represents the first comprehensive cross-media measurement research - fueled by a single-source solution – that will bridge the existing gap between linear TV, connected TV, Desktop and Mobile.


Cross-media True Single-Source

The main source for estimating media consumption is a single-source panel of individuals equipped with personal meters; this panel is weighted according to the structure of the population in order to adequately represent different demographic groups.

Currently, the PANEL IN GERMANY MEASURES AUDIENCES aged 14–59 and is demographically representative in terms of gender, age, education and size of settlement.

The panel consists of PC and Hardware panelists, recruited by a partner company.


The panel will provide information on cross-media consumption across various devices, including PCs, Smartphones, and TVs (36 TV channels), as well as Connected TV devices.

An additional 150 panelists aged 60+ will be added to the Single-Source Panel, bringing the total number of panelists to over 1000. This panel is used for mobile web, mobile apps, and TV.

The Connected TV Panel will deploy 1000 Router Meters in households of existing and new panelists.

Gemius will deploy a separate check-in device to capture viewership on YouTube, BVOD, AVOD and SVOD, as well as demographic profiles of co-viewing users when content is available on shared devices. This will enable the distinction between content watched on Linear TV and YouTube, BVOD, AVOD or SVOD.

PC Panel will remain the same: 7 500+ panelists

PANEL BASED DATA COLLECTION is the only way to gather data from the perspective of Real Users for the entire Cross-media market.

Additionally, for Publishers who have decided to share their data with Gemius, panel-based measurement is enriched and calibrated to Publisher-sourced full traffic volume measurement for analyzed population. In both Phases Gemius is partnering with YouTube to enrich gemiusAudience data via 1P sources.

Every person now has a wide range of choices and media or tools to consume them. Different types of mobiles, TVs or newly developed devices—everything is and will be a challenge to all market players. Since 2020, Gemius has been focused on the German market to be able to set research trends in this innovative environment, where all the new trends are visible. In 2023, we started gemiusAudience official publication in Germany, and results are already available via the online interface e.gemius.com. And the next step is CTV measurement using our dedicated single-source panel.

- comments Jakub Wysoczanski, CEO of Gemius Germany.

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