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Gemius & Clear Channel Poland enhance Outdoor insights

Gemius will collect data on the reach potential of ads on Clear Channel Poland's media, based on data from the Mediapanel survey, a single-source and cross-media measurement.

The cooperation is aimed at obtaining data on the reach potential of advertising on Clear Channel Poland's carriers and developing a model for the future presentation of outdoor advertising data in the Mediapanel survey. The Mediapanel survey is the only single source media measurement in Poland, currently presenting results for the Internet, television and radio.

Clear Channel's network in Poland

Clear Channel Poland's entire media network generates a reach of 65% per month, reaching 19 million viewers. Clear Channel Poland's offering provides access to the City Reach Network, Poland's largest network of City Digital Out of Home media, comprising more than 250 screens in 10 major metropolitan areas in Poland. The screens in the City Reach Network are fully system-connected, clustered in Broadsign's advertising ecosystem, with the ability to run effective DOOH campaigns in both direct and programmatic channels. The offer includes innovative, creative possibilities, such as the use of DOOH Live functions (trigger Ad i.e. weather, time of day, countdown, etc.) or eye-catching creatives with 3D effect. Clear Channel Poland offers cutting-edge solutions for brands, enabling them to reach their audiences through campaigns that build awareness and target sales and outreach goals on a local and national level.

Dynamic Development of OOH and DOOH

The dynamic development of the OOH industry, and DOOH in particular, is generating increasing interest among marketers. Clear Channel Poland is steadily developing its offer, enabling it to precisely reach selected audiences. We are pleased that thanks to the cooperation established with Gemius, we will be able to provide our partners with even more data, which is another step upgrading our offer. Participation in the Mediapanel study and the presentation of outdoor advertising results in comparison with other media: internet, tv, radio, will allow marketers to further expand their omnichannel strategies. - says Filip Holowczyc, Sales and Marketing Director of Clear Channel Poland.

Establishing a partnership with Clear Channel is another step toward including outdoor advertising measurement in the Mediapanel survey. At the same time, it shows the value and potential in media research of our product Mediapanel. We are glad that thanks to the single-source measurement provided by Gemius, outdoor, both traditional and digital, finally has the opportunity to show its advertising potential against other media. - comments Jaroslaw Pawlak, Mediapanel's Research Development Manager.