Gemius and AMI cooperation in Vietnam
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Gemius and AMI cooperation in Vietnam

Gemius signed a cooperation agreement with AMI, a Vietnamese research company. For Gemius, this is the first Asian country where they will offer their solutions.

Starting from September, 2018, Gemius has entered the Vietnamese market. The firm’s business partner is a renowned local research company, AMI CO Ltd., delivering TV viewership, statistics of both TV channels and advertisements and also information on advertising expenditure in TV. Thanks to this cooperation, a result of an intense dialogue to establish a common strategy, AMI will be able to expand their services into the digital sector.

ꟷVietnam a fast-growing market, having 50 million of online consumers, is one of the most interesting countries in the region. From one hand, we can observe a lot of globally recognized trends there: an intensive development of the mobile platform or the growing prominence of video advertising, and from the other side, it is a market with a very strong position of the local players, especially in the e-commerce sector ꟷ noted Slawomir Pliszka, Business Development Director, Gemius, coordinating the firm’s activity in Vietnam. ꟷ Our exclusive strategic and technological cooperation with AMI presents a great opportunity to deliver our solutions, and hence support the local market’s development and online business in general ꟷ concludes Pliszka.

ꟷVietnam Internet usage is always among the top countries in Asia in the last 5 years and the market needs adata source being recognized and used officially by all stakeholders. The cooperation by the two companies will establish a standardized, recognized and audited “market currency” to support the development of the digital advertising market sameas AMI has done in television advertisment ꟷ said by Truong An Binh, Deputy Director at AMI.

The agreement predicts a stepwise implementation of all Gemius products into the market. gemiusAdReal, a measurement tool already recognized by the European online industry (awarded with IAB Europe’s Research Award in 2017) is going to be the first one. gemiusAdReal will be the first study on the market allowing Vietnamese clients to compare digital campaigns run on PC. Gemius’ future plans include implementation of the Gemius’ adserver solution (AdOcean), web analytics tool (gemiusPrism) and finally gemiusDirectEffect allowing advertisers to plan and optimize their online campaigns in real-time.

About AMI: AMI is a Vietnamese research company providing data and consultations in the area of television and online business. AMI's products and services fullfil the needs from state authority, broadcasters, publishers, advertising agencies and advertisers in Vietnam. AMI is a member of ESOMAR.

Gemius is a global research and technology company providing data, as well as advanced tools for digital marketing. The company offers comprehensive solutions for e-commerce, publishers, advertising agencies and advertisers. Gemius is a part of the Global Insights Community, ESOMAR and a member of IAB Europe.