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E-commerce study in Latvia

Gemius Latvia has conducted its annual e-commerce study for the eighth time to find out the online shopping habits of Latvian internet users.

The results shows that the most respondents make their online purchases in the evening hours. Online shopping via smartphones continues to increase as well.

Most online purchases are made in the evenings

This year, for the first time in the Gemius e-commerce survey questionnaire, respondents were asked during which time of the day they most frequently make their online purchases, revealing that more than half of the respondents shop online in the evening hours from 6 PM to 10 PM. 82% of the respondents had made online purchases in the past six months, with this figure remaining stable. As in the previous year, internet users continue to make their online purchases regularly, with 68% of the respondents doing so at least once a month or more – 53% once or multiple times a month, and 15% once or multiple times a week. Last year, 71% of the survey participants had made online purchases at least once a month.

Computers are still the most popular

The most popular device used for online shopping is still the computer (91% of the respondents), but there is an increase in the use of smartphones - last year 66% of the survey participants used these devices for online purchases, this year the figure has increased by two percentage points, reaching 68% of the study's respondents. In 2021, 63% of the respondents used smartphones for online shopping.

The number of consumers who plan to reduce their purchases is growing

In the Gemius e-commerce study conducted at the beginning of this year, it was found that the number of internet users who plan to reduce their online spending this year has increased - 13% of the respondents indicated this, while last year this figure was only 6% of the respondents. Meanwhile, 39% of the respondents are convinced that their online spending will not change this year, and this figure has decreased by only two percentage points compared to the previous year, with approximately half of the respondents indicating that their online spending will increase this year.

About Gemius E-commerce study 

The Gemius E-commerce study in Latvia was conducted using the gemiusAdHoc internet survey. The study is based on data obtained through a pop-up internet questionnaire shown to randomly selected internet users on Latvia's most popular portals. This year, the study was conducted from January 18 to March 27, surveying 2,038 respondents aged 18 to 74.

To learn more about the study and to have access to all the data, we invite you to contact Gemius Latvia by writing to contact@gemius.lv.

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