E-commerce in Baltics 2023: motivation, purchases and obstacles
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E-commerce in Baltics 2023: motivation, purchases and obstacles

In the e-commerce study conducted in the Baltics by Gemius, it was found that the motivation for respondents in all three countries to shop online is better prices compared to traditional stores. While Latvians and Estonians often purchase insurance on domestic websites, Lithuanians prefer to order meals. The most common challenges mentioned are issues with delivery and misleading product information, leading to disappointment with the received goods.

The Gemius e-commerce study was conducted using the gemiusAdHoc online survey. The study is based on data obtained through a pop-up internet questionnaire shown to randomly selected internet users on the most popular portals in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. In Latvia, the study surveyed 2,038 respondents aged 18 to 74, while in Lithuania, 2,556 respondents aged 15 to 74 were surveyed. In Estonia, the study involved 1,433 internet users aged 18 to 74.

To learn more about the research conducted in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, please contact Gemius Eesti at kontakt@gemius.ee.

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