Digital Advertising Competition Industry Benchmark Report #Turkey
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Digital Advertising Competition Industry Benchmark Report #Turkey

With increasing advancements in technology, sectors' investments have shifted towards the digital realm. As competition in digital advertising is increasingly heating up every year, Gemius has shared its "Digital Advertising Competition Industry Benchmark Report" for the first quarter of 2022.

According to the data released by Gemius Adreal, popular choice of the digital marketing professionals, covering January - March 2022 period, the e-commerce has been the leading sector based on the GRP scores. Obviously, this result came as no surprise. With more and more visitors shopping online and retail businesses are fully adapting to the digital realm, sales have considerably gone up.


Giant companies who were aware of this fact concentrated more on their ad impressions. On that note, the e-commerce sector by far ranks first with 90 thousand GRP based on aggregate reach during January - March 2022 period and also managed to top the list with its reach.

Media, book and CDandDVD industry follows the E-commerce sector with approximately 27,000 GRP. In terms of reach, the industry has nearly the same reach with the e-commerce sector. However, the fact that the E-commerce sector left all other sectors behind by a wide margin based on GRP scores has not gone unnoticed.

The automotive industry reached 14 thousand GRP, followed by the Finance sector with 13.5 thousand GRP. Reaching 12.2 thousand GRP during the early summer vacation booking season, the Travel and Tourism sector was followed by Apparel and Accessories sector with 12 thousand GRP, Electronic Home Appliances and Furniture and Home Decor sectors with 11.6 thousand GRP, Food sector with 10.4 GRP, Telecommunications sector with 10.1 thousand GRP, Personal Care and Hygiene sector with 9.1 thousand GRP, Computer and Sound Devices sector with 8 thousand GRP, Pharmaceutical sector with 7.8 thousand GRP, Real Estate sector with 4.5 thousand GRP, Home Goods market with 3.2 thousand GRP and Beverage sector with 1600 GRP. With 87.9% reach ratio and 1600 GRP, the Beverage sector was outperformed by all the other sectors and ranked at the bottom of the list.

Also, sectors impression data painted a similar picture. While the E-commerce industry ranked first by reaching 53 billion, it also had the highest weight in total impressions, including the other sectors in the list, with a nearly 35% SOV.

E-commerce sector was followed by the Media, Books and CDandDVD industry with16 billion impressions while the Beverage sector ranked at the bottom of the list with 926 billion impressions. Based on the SOV data, again, the Beverage sector had the least weight in that category.


In the new year, companies made creative ads and at the same time strived to maximize their reach and viewability of ad videos as much as possible.

According to Gemius Adreal’s video ad data covering January - March 2022 period, the Telecommunications sector was the top performer in the view time category and managed to keep users glued to the screen longer than others by reaching 9.6 seconds on average. However, unlike its view time ranking, the Telecommunications sector ranked at the bottom of the viewability list.

While Electronic Home Appliances, Furniture and Home Decor sector ranked 10th with on average 5.30 seconds view time, it left other sectors behind with its 71.64% viewability.


Gemius also named the platforms where ads reached largest audience during January - March 2022 period. Accordingly, Google’s popular video platform YouTube had a great success both with its app and web portal. YouTube app and have proved their difference by reaching 54.3 million and 39.6 million real visitors respectively. Google, the owner of YouTube, ranked among the top three by reaching 47 million users. Instagram ranked second by reaching over 47 million real users.

After YouTube, Google and Instagram, news portals have also been successful platforms where ads reached mass audience. Accordingly, reached 36.3 million, 36.2 million, Mynet 28.5 million and Haberturk 27.2 million real users.

Facebook app, the big brother of Instagram, has got itself a spot in the league of legends and ranked third after Instagram and by reaching 32.4 million visitors.

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