Advertising market in Poland - May 2023
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Advertising market in Poland - May 2023

According to gemiusAdReal data for May 2023, in all analyzed media - Internet, television and radio - the most active in terms of advertising were brands from the "Trade" industry.

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Data presented in this analysis come from gemiusAdReal - a cross-media study of the advertising market. Advertising creations broadcast in May 2023 on the Internet, radio and television were analysed.

Internet advertising market

In May 2023, we recorded 73.2 billion impressions of display and video advertising creatives, and the average frequency of ad contact per user was 2,576 contacts. Online advertising activities reached a total of 86.53% of the population of Poles aged 7 to 75. The average duration of contact with a creative was 9.75 seconds (10 seconds for display creatives and 7.8 seconds for video creatives). The average visibility of digital creations in May (Viewability Rate calculated in accordance with the IAB definition) was 49.66%. A higher visibility rate was achieved by video creations, for which 60.3% of advertising contacts were visible to the user. In the case of display creatives, it was 48.39%. The most active in terms of the number of online advertising contacts was the "Trade" industry (29.7 billion), for which Share of Voice in all online advertising contacts in May amounted to 40.6%. The average contact time for this industry was 10.21 seconds, and the creative visibility index was 52.31%. The next places on the podium were taken by the "Media, books, CDandDVD" industries (5.6 billion advertising contacts and SoV at the level of 8.1%) and Clothing and accessories (5 billion advertising contacts and SoV - 7.6%).

Top online advertisers

The most active digital advertiser in May 2023 was the brand, which generated 2.8 billion online advertising contacts, reaching 83.8% of Poles aged 7 to 75. In second place was Media Expert with 2 billion contacts and 78.9% reach. The third place on the podium belonged to (1.9 billion contacts and reach of 76.2%). The ranking of the TOP 10 brands is closed by Ford, which recorded 0.66 billion advertising contacts.

Online advertising expenses

The analysis of advertising expenditure on display online campaigns confirms the activity of the brand, which was ranked first - its share in expenditure among all brands was 4.5%. The second place was taken by Media Expert with a 3% share, while closes the podium (2.85% share).

Please note that data on Internet ads expenses are estimated values ​​based on publishers' price lists, where all activities were calculated at the CPM (Cost per mile) rate. They are calculated for display activity, on PC and Mobile platforms, excluding video and social media/search engines.

TV advertising market

In May, the "Trade" industry was the most active in terms of advertising on television. It generated over 11.4 billion advertising contacts, reaching 94.48% of the population aged 7 to 75. Share of Voice in all advertising contacts in May amounted to 17.98% for this industry, while the average time of contact with an advertisement in a traditional receiver was 19.18 seconds. The second place was taken by the "Pharmaceuticals" industry (11.3 billion advertising contacts, SoV at the level of 17.78% and 94.42% reach), while the podium is closed by the Food industry (8.85 billion advertising contacts, SoV - 13.94 % and coverage - 94%).

Top TV Advertisers

The most active advertiser on television in May - as in March and April - was the Lidl brand. It generated 1.21 billion advertising contacts, reaching 86.4% of Poles aged 7 to 75. Orange was in second place (1.2 billion advertising contacts and 87.38% reach), while Rossmann was third (1.09 million contacts and 85.95% reach). ranked 10th with 572.5 million advertising contacts and 83.7% reach in the population aged 7-75.

TV advertising expenses

In terms of estimated advertising expenditure on television, the Orange brand came first with a share of 2.17%, followed by Rossmann with a share of 2.01%. The third place belonged to Kinder with a share of 1.91%.

Radio advertising market

In radio, the industry with the largest number of advertising contacts in May was the "Trade" industry (6.7 billion advertising contacts). In second and third place were the "Pharmaceuticals" industries (2.6 billion contacts) and "Automotive" (1.25 billion contacts).

Top Radio Advertisers

The most active advertiser on the radio in May was the Media Expert brand - it generated 1.76 billion advertising contacts, reaching 85.16% of Poles aged 7 to 75. Euro RTV AGD came second (617 billion ad contacts, 75.45% reach), and came third (333.18 million contacts, 72.75% reach). The TOP 10 list is closed by Carrefour (173.17 million contacts and 65.05% reach) and PKP Intercity (182.6 million contacts, 60.87% reach).

Radio advertising expenses

The Media Expert brand had the highest share in radio advertising expenditure in May (12.42%). Next places belong to Euro RTV AGD (3.76%) and MediaMarkt (2.23%).

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