Advertising activity of the brewing industry before the May long weekend
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Advertising activity of the brewing industry before the May long weekend

Advertising activity in the brewing industry is characterized by seasonality, and one of the hottest periods is usually e.g. May long weekend. Brands belonging to this industry increase the intensity of marketing activities then and take advantage of the moment when many Poles go on holidays and organize barbecues with friends. Was that also the case this year? Gemius analysts looked at the data from the gemiusAdReal study to find the answer to this question.

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We analyzed the advertising activity of brands from the brewing industry in the period from the beginning of April to 7 May.

In terms of the number of advertising contacts, the industry's advertising activity was dominated in the discussed period by the two largest corporations: Kompania Piwowarska and Grupa Żywiec. Their total Share of Voice in the entire beer industry was 84% ​​(Kompania Piwowarska – 49.10%, Grupa Żywiec 34.87%). In the period from April 1 to May 7, 2023, Kompania Piwowarska reached almost 1.2 billion advertising contacts, thus reaching 87.78% of people aged 18+. This means that the average adult Pole came across the advertising creation of this brand almost 45 times. In the same period, Grupa Żywiec reached 847 million emissions, recording in the 18+ group a similar reach to its competitor (86.86%) and a frequency of 32 contacts in the analyzed period.

Ad contacts

Analyzing the daily activity of both brands, we can see two different strategies. Kompania Piwowarska intensified its advertising activity much earlier, since April, 11. A clear increase in the number of advertising contacts in the case of Grupa Żywiec can be observed at the beginning of May.

Both brands used both television and digital channels in the campaign. In terms of the number of advertising contacts on TV, Kompania Piwowarska had a much more active campaign (1 billion advertising contacts vs. 635 million in the case of Grupa Żywiec). In digital, Grupa Żywiec dominated with 212 million advertising contacts.

The more intensive online activity of Grupa Żywiec translated into 6.57 p.p. incremental reach that the digital campaign added to the TV campaign. In the case of Kompania Piwowarska, it was 4.96 p.p. reach.

Share of Voice

In terms of the share of advertising contacts in the entire industry, the Żywiec brand was ranked first with the Share of Voice indicator of 14.19%. The second place was taken by the Tyskie brand - 10.52%, and the podium is closed by Lech Free - 9.19%. The last position in the list of the 10 most active brands was taken by HARDMADE with a share in advertising contacts amounting to 4.57%.

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