The new head of the Polish branch of Gemius
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The new head of the Polish branch of Gemius

Jakub Wysoczański, CFO at Gemius’ headquarters, was appointed President of the Polish branch of the company. He will replace Joanna Siekierska, who is leaving Gemius Polska at the end of the year.

Jakub Wysoczański has been working for Gemius since 2006. As CFO at the company’s headquarters, he is in charge of finance management, as well as global business strategy co-development, and implementation. He also supervises all financial, legal, and administrative processes.

As the new head of the Polish branch of Gemius, he is responsible for the strategic development of the company on the domestic market (note: in Poland, there are both the headquarters, as well as the domestic branch of Gemius). At the same time, he will continue to hold his position at the company’s headquarters.

Jakub Wysoczański gained professional experience in the audit and business consultancy departments at Ernst and Young, among others. He was in charge of auditing financial statements of insurance and financial companies operating on the Polish market. In addition, his duties covered issues related to internal control systems, actuarial analyses, and business process modelling. He is also a chartered auditor, holder of an ACCA diploma and an ACCA member, a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). As a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Warsaw, he holds degrees in economy and mathematics.

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