Mediapanel – a new single-source cross-media research

Mediapanel – a new single-source cross-media research

Gemius, Polish Internet Research and KBR (Radio Research Committee) launched a new passive research of internet, television and radio consumption – Mediapanel. The comprehensive measurement is a combination of the current Gemius/PBI internet study, the Radio Track audience measurement standard and data from the single-source cross-media Gemius research.[nbsp]

The first results were available on October 2 and are now published daily in a modern, intuitive online interface that allows for data analysis of any period of time. Mediapanel is the very first study in Poland that presents the common potential of key media – internet, radio and television – as well as their consumption in-home and out-of-home. Standardized indicators, common for all media types, enable comprehensive cross-media analysis.

Internet research, which is an integral part of Mediapanel, is carried out with the usage of new improved methodology. Existing users of the Gemius/PBI study have access to data in the new interface. The current radio measurement standard – Radio Track – carried out by Kantar Polska on behalf of KBR, acts as a founding research in the new single-source study. While cross-media Gemius research, based on passive measurement of television and radio and realized with usage of personal meters (installed on smartphone’s OS level), provides information on radio and television consumption both in-home and out-of-home.

Mediapanel presents cross-media data divided into 7 media types: PC home, PC work, Phones, Tablets, TV in home, TV out of home, Radio. The data are additionally classified as editorial or commercial. Ultimately, Mediapanel research will also include a consumption of audio and video streaming on the internet.

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