#gemiusAdReal Germany: March Champions
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#gemiusAdReal Germany: March Champions

During March, major corporations strategically utilized both television and digital advertising channels in an effort to expand their consumer reach. In light of this, Gemius conducted a comprehensive analysis of prominent companies in Germany to identify the GRP champions, whose advertising efforts resulted in a significant increase in reach compared to their competitors.

#gemiusAdReal TOP 10 advertisers in Germany in March

Gemius, a company specializing in online advertising campaign measurement, closely tracks websites and offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions in the areas of user analysis, big data software, and consultancy. So we have once again gathered significant information regarding the performance of various brands and their advertising reach rates during the month of March, as we do on a monthly basis.

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GemiusAdreal's Cross-Media GRP data for March 2023 reveals that major brands were focused on expanding their advertisement reach across both TV channels and digital platforms such as the web, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, in order to reach their target audience. Amazon, a leading e-commerce giant, dominated the rankings with a whopping 6186 GRP, followed by eBay at 4324 GRP, and Ikea securing third place with 3495 GRP. The remaining brands in the top five were RTL at 3212 GRP and Vodafone at 2366 GRP. In terms of reach, Amazon also claimed the top spot with an impressive reach rate of 91%, followed closely by eBay at 87%. Rounding out the podium was o2 with a reach rate of nearly 87%. These findings highlight the importance of strategic advertising efforts in capturing a wide and engaged audience, and offer valuable insights for businesses looking to enhance their advertising campaigns.

Upon analyzing the GRP generated exclusively by brands on PC and Mobile platforms during the aforementioned period, Amazon continues to hold its place at the top with 5491 GRP, followed by eBay with 3751 GRP, securing the second spot among its competitors. The third position on the podium is held by Ikea, having accumulated 2436 GRP. OTTO closely trails behind with 2149 GRP, while Web.de completes the top 5 podium (1344 GRP). Examining the reach champions solely in terms of PC and Mobile platforms, Amazon boasts the highest reach of almost 81%, followed by eBay with nearly 73%. O2 emerges as the third highest ranking company with 69.2% and than goes OTTO and Vodafone with 69.1% and 65% respectively.

In March, Gemius directed its attention towards the video creatives produced by brands for both TV and digital platforms. Upon analyzing the champions in terms of TV+Digital ranked by GRP, StepStone stands out, having reached the highest GRP of 627.29. OBI is another brand that caught the eye, having accumulated 627.05 GRP.

About gemiusAdReal

gemiusAdReal is a market intelligence tool revealing all brands’ activities, both in the digital and cross-media world. The study allows for in-depth insight of competitors media activity across all three platforms: TV, PC and mobile including not only top application: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok but also web browsers: Chrome, Firefox and others. The comprehensive knowledge about the advertising market provided by gemiusAdReal, helps all media-players such as brand owners, media agencies and publishers in better planning their marketing strategies and media-mix optimizing.

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