Gemius recognised for the fifth time in the IAB Europe Research Awards!
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Gemius wins for 5th time in IAB Europe Research Awards

Gemius was recognised in the this year’s IAB Europe's Research Awards. The innovative cross-media solution for measuring both media consumption and post-campaign ad exposure was the best project in the Audience Measurement category!

Gemius’ solution is the first single-source cross-media research of TV, radio and Internet in Poland. The study is dedicated for all media parties, publishers and advertisers, providing complete data for planning marketing strategy and effective inventory management. The solution was awarded the silver statuette in the Audience Measurement category. A gold trophy in this category was not awarded.

The recognised solution consists of three renowned products: marketing intelligence study, gemiusAdReal and post-campaign analytics tool, gemiusPostBuy, and also well-established gemiusAudience research that has been recently extended to cross-media measurement. Thanks to the new gemiusAudience possibilities, the research is now able to provide detailed information about audience media consumption among TV, PC, mobile and radio, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube applications. All mentioned products are fuelled by data from single-source panel measurement which ensures high quality and consistent data. The new comprehensive Gemius’ solution finally delivers the market with a reliable tool that helps publishers and advertisers in building the entire media strategy process, from content and ad distribution planning, to post-exposure verification.

Gemius’ unique products and methodology were repeatedly recognized by renowned IAB Europe Research Awards. In 2015, Gemius was awarded for the Behavioral Panel Synthesis methodology allowing media owners to see the campaign reach from all devices. In 2016, Gemius won by presenting its Overnight methodology enabling production of daily data for website viewership statistics. In 2017, IAB recognised gemiusAdReal, the solution enabling comprehensive measurement of the online advertising market. Last year, the project True Single Source: gemiusPostBuy and gemiusAdReal, brought Gemius the fourth statuette in the IAB Research Awards contest.

More information about Gemius’ winning solution as well as other projects recognised by IAB Europe Research Awards 2020, can be found here.

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