Gemius has won the IAB Europe Research Award
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Gemius has won the IAB Europe Research Award

In a contest organised by IAB Europe, Gemius was awarded first prize in the category of internet audience research.Its winning project enables publishers to determine their total range across all devices (Behavioral Panel Synthesis, BPS).

Piotr Ejdys, president of Gemius, underlines that the IAB Europe Research Award is further proof of how rapidly the company is developing its offer and increasing the range of its influence. ‘In May 2014, we expanded the scope of our activities to include the analysis of internet traffic on individual devices (referred to as „multiplatform analysis”). This solution has already been implemented in 10 countries, including Denmark, Belgium and Turkey. In April this year, we introduced a new quality to the field of internet research – a method of behavioral synthesis that was awarded by IAB Europe,’ says Ejdys.

Gemius’ plans

Last year, Gemius won the tender to conduct a study of the internet in Belgium and Luxemburg. The company was also, once again, chosen to be the official supplier of internet traffic data in the Czech Republic. And despite losing this year’s tender in Denmark, Gemius continues to press ahead and is, among others, preparing to revolutionise the Polish market. From July, customers in Poland will receive daily information on website audiences. Gemius has also established cooperation with leading research companies, ie. Nielsen and Millward Brown. In a joint effort, they aim to combine the analyses of internet, TV, radio and press to establish a single base of multimedia data.

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